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Art Project Live Performance

Vibrator Love of Sound V.L.S.S 10, V.L.S.S 9,
V.L.S.S 8,
V.L.S.S 7, 
V.L.S.S 6, 
V.L.S.S 5,
V.L.S.S 4, 
V.L.S.S 3, 
V.L.S.S 2, 
V.L.S.S 1,
V.L.S.S 0, 
  • Dream phantom
  • Black Star 
  • Guerrilla juice bar
  • National Anthem
  • Action Vacation
  • Fancy delivery gay 
  • The ecstasy of national anthem
  • Feminine Sound

Art Project
Group Exhabition

  • The “Vibrator Love of Sound” series 2012~2014
I am in the rear room Ohne mich

Curate Project


LiveSet / Event

  • Odd Sound Festival 2017
  • High Glass and High Class(h)
  • FreeTekno
  • Adult game club
  • Pokerman go
  • Sara Kane 4:48 rave theatre
  • Capitalism is a romantic liar
  • 色々

Sound/ Music Design
  • New Paradise of Silent Island
  • 2017 Parallaxpromo
  • Love Exposure 
  • Eugene Ionesco
  • Staggering Matter
  • I Love Nuclear album



Taipei Popcorn 爆米花 loves freedom, beauty, and expression. Popcorn is breaking down the walls of gender. Popcorn is an LGBT rights activist. Popcorn wants every person in the universe to embrace and love who they are.

Mitopia Art was founded since 2016, on-location body painting art, special effect makeup and craft painting. We have various kind of clients, such as individuals, career cooperation, workshop hosting and have plenty of experiences to undertake body painting events for companies, design the patterns according to clients’ requirements, we have confident that will make your events more colorful.
Moreover, all the body paints which we use on skin have passed ASTM D-4236 & CE EN-71 skin safety test, the paints are nontoxic that can use on child and pregnant women. We also lecture on body painting in Taiwan and oversea that you can learn it in few days without any background of art.
Taipei Popcorn 爆米花

彩繪藝術師 簡郁璇 Mika Chien
人體彩繪藝術家,作品風格多以花朵,植物等抽象派畫風為主,擅長用彩繪說故事,碩士畢業後至德國Senjo Color學院- 特效彩繪技術研習與奧地利WBF-人體彩繪應用於藝術治療研習。同時也曾旅居歐洲,美國,北非以及亞洲國家。
目前為 Mitopia Art 藝術創意主導人,並有合作的彩繪師團隊。

bettyapple 2018ˉ