Signals From The Future 

2020 / 2021

#Video Performance #Sound art  #AI Genarate photos  #Data Mosh #Cybrog

Post Human Narrative  Online , HongKong. Dec 31 2020 - Jan 31 2021
About the realities we explore, PLACE, Taipei.  Jan 29 - March 7 2021
ODD, Ciclo de arte queer multidisciplinar, Online, Madrid

Colaboration Remix Visual with Santarcangelo Festival 2050 , July 10-18, 2021

Inspired by information posted by self-proclaimed future travelers that describe the scenes of the future society and the apocalypse, "Signals From The Future" is intrigued about the "cyber theatrical languages" and "performativity" of the futuristic information on social media platforms. In 2020, while the world broke down due to the COVID-19, capitalist societies struggled to remain functional through telecommunication technology. However, when the internet signals were unstable, the distortions and glitches on the monitors indicated the contemporary cultural imbalance behind them. What about the information from the future? How would the spatial-temporal transformations distort data? And how would people perceive "realities" through information from the future? Bearing these questions in mind, "Signals From The Future'' consists of an artificial voice traveling through the internet from the year 2060. As time traveling is genderless, I generate numerous looks of my future selves representing various gender possibilities. Combining machine learning, social media sci-fi filter role play, and audio-visual data distortion, I speculate the superreality of how information might be like while traveling backward in time.
This Project Support by National Culture and Arts Foundation.

Still From the work


     Visual design: Charles Tsai  

Colaboration   courtesy Santarcangelo Festival 2050

Press :

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