Signal From the Future Text

Story line:

1. The text refers to a person with a KFK account on China Douban in 2019, who claimed to be a time traveler, and came to the future from 2060 through the method of "passing through". I extracted the following text for creation The content of the text is intended to re-string a sci-fi performance audio-visual narrative through different IG filters and AI photo synthesis and animation production.

Image: Computer login screen, insert all kinds of photos reshaped from Betty Apple's face and used IG filters,and use the TALK APP to input text to make the person in the photo follow the conversation. Presenting the Data mosh method with message distortion aesthetics, so that the present image of the future people will be transmitted to 2021, which is full of digital mysticism that travels through time and space.

Sound text word

In 2060, I’m a male. When one is time-travelling, gender no longer exists.

The place where sunlight is fading shall be where my journey begins. The place where moonlight is gleaming shall be where I stop and rest. My journey is not limited to here. In today’s materialistic measurement, everything will become scarce in 2060.

My form is perhaps different from how you understand time- and space- crossing, so I won’t change the future, and nobody will believe me. However, I’m here to remind that person, of whom I want to remind, until this changes her in a few decades.

I hope that people in 2019 will remember that the first half of the year was one of your best years and the turmoil of the second half of the year will become the norm for people.

The relationships with parents, couples and children seem so wobbly amid this turbulence. Ethical and moral values are then meaningless because of disasters, famines and wars.

We are at a time when the history of mankind is dependent on the unprecedented development of an inner civilisation. Because many things come out of wars, it feels like lifting up the curtain. The reality of the real universe has reached its maximum. My own personal view is that human beings have turned to the real essence because of suffering.

In the future we will enter a whole new phase, reaching a kind of universal homogeneity eventually.

We need to find a suitable place to live in the wide inland. The extreme climate will make many cities unlivable.

Humanity tends to find theories of coexistence in different cultures around the world, despite still in vain. In some countries and regions, discrimination against women still exists. In other places, we notice a rise in feminism, but it also leads to confusion. The terminology of male and female has yet been changed, and because of the Robot-human marriage law, robots are also gendered.

There is a sense in the hidden part of humans’ mind that is closely connected with the universe beyond time and space. This is the second advancement of the human race, but it only took place after wars.

We are at a time in human history when the development of internal civilisation has never been more important. For many things are like a curtain being lifted after a war. Enlightenment about the real universe has reached its maximum. Humanity has turned to the real essence because of suffering, which I personally would regard as progress. In the future, we will enter a whole new phase, a phase where everything will eventually be one.

The so-called literature, painting, sculpture, film, and games created by human. Have these forms of art, in material or symbolic form, or in the form of interactive art, become "bridges" or "channels" that connects to the inner development of your time? They can be called the shadows of shadows.

No one is omniscient. We have simply entered a different realm of perception. Human being cannot comprehend amid material fetters. When one is free from fetters, one will understand everything.