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Art Project Live Performance

Vibrator Love of Sound V.L.S.S 10, V.L.S.S 9,
V.L.S.S 8,
V.L.S.S 7, 
V.L.S.S 6, 
V.L.S.S 5,
V.L.S.S 4, 
V.L.S.S 3, 
V.L.S.S 2, 
V.L.S.S 1,
V.L.S.S 0, 
  • Dream phantom
  • Black Star 
  • Guerrilla juice bar
  • National Anthem
  • Action Vacation
  • Fancy delivery gay 
  • The ecstasy of national anthem
  • Feminine Sound

Art Project
Group Exhabition

  • The “Vibrator Love of Sound” series 2012~2014
I am in the rear room Ohne mich

Curate Project


LiveSet / Event

  • Odd Sound Festival 2017
  • High Glass and High Class(h)
  • FreeTekno
  • Adult game club
  • Pokerman go
  • Sara Kane 4:48 rave theatre
  • Capitalism is a romantic liar
  • 色々

Sound/ Music Design
  • New Paradise of Silent Island
  • 2017 Parallaxpromo
  • Love Exposure 
  • Eugene Ionesco
  • Staggering Matter
  • I Love Nuclear album



17:10~17:30  Noise
x Live Art

賴世超  Shi-chao Lai



photos by Yu en Lin

photos by Evan Yelverton

photo by Zito T

Shi Chao Lai
is an artist integrating a wide range of artistic and cultural forms, following personal interests rather than specialising in a single research area. The materials of his sonic works are primarily environmental recordings, guitar and synthesizer. He addresses social-politics, and internalized spirituality; also visualizing lives in the universe and ideas around “built - destroyed”, and “none to form as form to none”. He also works as a technician, and an operation manager for an art space, and occasionally as a graffiti artist. He believes in working for a better arts environment, and dedicates himself to organising and producing experimental works.
賴世超 Shi-chao Lai 
1985 年生於台中,喜愛廣泛的藝術文化,及各種跨領域合作,依個人生活喜好多向延展;聲音創 作大多以環境素材、吉他與合成器效果作為主要工具,內容時而觀注社會政治,時而內化自我心 靈層面,觀想生命宇宙,包含建構及毀壞,無有-有無;個人工作涵蓋繁雜,既是專業展覽技術人 員,也作為藝文空間營運管理者,偶爾又作為塗鴉創作者;對於藝文環境有些美好想像,時常戮 力於實驗展演場景的策劃與執行。

Betty Apple
is a composer, DJ, and sound performance artist. Who is at the forefront of a new wave of experimental sound art / Live art in Taipei, drawing upon performance art to and electronic music to create powerful works that have propelled her rapid rise in the island's art scene.

Born in 1986, She is deeply influenced by bedroom electronica and sub-culture. Apple came to sound composition from a background in theatre. She is an accomplished producer of electronic music and DJ but also works with noise and range of aberrant textures.

During the year of 2012, she launched the “Performance of Experimental Electronic Music” and “The art of live sound”, and was active as a pioneer of “Sound Farmers”, an organization, founded on September, devoting to popularizing electronic music, enters on her own senses, creating a system which belongs to individual senses and includes many dimensions of tone. During her live performance, she produces sound with her body, creating an unknown ambiguity with the speaker, thus, she conveys a sonic wave connection of implosion mystery.

2012 saw her support Merzbow at The Wall in Taipei, and do performances alongside Zbigniew Karkowski and EVOL 、Scott Afford、Samin Son,Schneider TM,David Phillips ,KK Null.
生於 1986 年台灣嘉義,畢業于臺北藝術大學戲劇系,新媒體藝術研究所。以現場藝術,聲音藝 術為創作主軸,跨界於錄像行為,電子樂製作人,DJ。創作觀念從自身生長的「後殖民」世界 挖取題材,擅長以聲音與身體為書寫工具,透過寓言式的互文本褻瀆虛幻歷史包袱,虛假的種族 與歷史符號,嘗試脫離工業機械文明的控制,解構新世界秩序。

近年以提倡現場藝術(LiveArt), 即興作曲的「陰性聲音」著名,2017 年擔任國家文藝獎何曉玫舞團「默島新樂園」音樂重製製作人,爲澳洲聲音藝術 團體「液態建築 Liquid Architecture」台灣聲音藝術演出共同策展人,受國際藝術雜誌
White Fungus 邀請,於舊金山、東京、雪梨、柏林多城市與知名聲音藝術家如 Mezbow,EVOL,Zbigniew Karkowski , Scott Afford 等人同台共演,曾於大稻埕藝術 節,寶藏巖藝術節,香港藝術中心,臺北美術館「誌作」,大內藝術節,草草OFF藝術節,臺 北藝穗節,白木耳藝術雜誌發刊活動,混種現場,等進行聲音藝術與電子音樂演出。

bettyapple 2018ˉ