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Art Project Live Performance

Vibrator Love of Sound V.L.S.S 10, V.L.S.S 9,
V.L.S.S 8,
V.L.S.S 7, 
V.L.S.S 6, 
V.L.S.S 5,
V.L.S.S 4, 
V.L.S.S 3, 
V.L.S.S 2, 
V.L.S.S 1,
V.L.S.S 0, 
  • Dream phantom
  • Black Star 
  • Guerrilla juice bar
  • National Anthem
  • Action Vacation
  • Fancy delivery gay 
  • The ecstasy of national anthem
  • Feminine Sound

Art Project
Group Exhabition

  • The “Vibrator Love of Sound” series 2012~2014
I am in the rear room Ohne mich

Curate Project


LiveSet / Event

  • Odd Sound Festival 2017
  • High Glass and High Class(h)
  • FreeTekno
  • Adult game club
  • Pokerman go
  • Sara Kane 4:48 rave theatre
  • Capitalism is a romantic liar
  • 色々

Sound/ Music Design
  • New Paradise of Silent Island
  • 2017 Parallaxpromo
  • Love Exposure 
  • Eugene Ionesco
  • Staggering Matter
  • I Love Nuclear album



Raúl Gasque is a Mexican story teller and visual artist. He develops conceptual projects. His work is a continuous exploration of issues related to anthropology, history, psychology and other social sciences. His life has been an ongoing exploration in different parts of the world, a situation that has stimulated to explore things from unconventional angles.

He was the communication advisor of the Peace Nobel Prize Rigoberta Menchu in 2007, where it started to link his work as editor (for press releases) and photographer, in this work he met the photographer Miquel Deweber Plana. In an ongoing and pragmatic scenario Gasque learned from him to develop a work in deep and bold series.

Since 2010 writes for publications on photography, illustration and painting. Wrote art texts and articles for 5 Pieces Gallery and the South American magazine ANORMALMAG. His texts always have the priority to explore the work of emerging visual artists. His texts have been published and released as exhibition statements in important galleries such as MC Gallery in Chelsea, New York and Karen Huber Gallery in Mexico City.

He also is a permanent contributor to VICE media and had developed several projects with Taiwanese cultural contemporary art centers like VT Art Salon and the Taipei Contemporary Art Center.

He has developed talks and conferences about contemporary photography and visual arts in universities like National Chengchi University and The Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University.
Right now he is developing and exploring different narratives such as a minimalist clown, and his also deconstructing a series of abstract paintings for a coming up exhibition.
Raúl Gasque(梅里達,尤卡坦州,墨西哥,1981)是一名重視觀念性思想的墨西哥視覺藝術家,攝影師、作家與記者。他的作品著重於人類學、歷史、心理學與其他社會科學議題等系列性的探索,而他個人的生命力求無窮勘探世界各處,並試圖以非傳統視角探索事物的狀態。

他在2007年曾任諾貝爾和平獎Rigoberta Menchu 的傳播溝通顧問,這也是他開始從事編輯(因新聞稿)與攝影工作的開端,並在此工作中遇見教導他開展攝影系列作品的攝影師Miquel Deweber Plana。從2010年起,開始為攝影出版品寫作關於攝影、插圖以及繪畫的文章,並為 5 Pieces Gallery及南美洲雜誌ANORMALMAG 書寫藝術相關文章。他的文章並在多個國際重要畫廊中如倫敦、紐約 MC 畫廊與墨西哥城的 Karen Huber畫廊的被引用,

他是 VICE媒體的永久貢獻者,並在台灣與許多現代藝術機構諸如 Taipei Contemporary Art Center或是 VT ARTSALON 進行交流計劃,也曾於台灣的政治大學演講當代視覺藝術與攝影,馬尼拉的雅典耀大學演講新聞學。

Raúl Gasque目前居住於台北,並持續發展關於墨西哥與台灣當代視覺的交流計畫,現在他正在發展和探索例如「極簡小丑」的不同敘事,並籌備解構一系列抽象畫作爲下一期的展覽。

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