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Vibrator Love of Sound V.L.S.S 10, V.L.S.S 9,
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  • Dream phantom
  • Black Star 
  • Guerrilla juice bar
  • National Anthem
  • Action Vacation
  • Fancy delivery gay 
  • The ecstasy of national anthem
  • Feminine Sound

Art Project
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  • The “Vibrator Love of Sound” series 2012~2014
I am in the rear room Ohne mich

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  • Odd Sound Festival 2017
  • High Glass and High Class(h)
  • FreeTekno
  • Adult game club
  • Pokerman go
  • Sara Kane 4:48 rave theatre
  • Capitalism is a romantic liar
  • 色々

Sound/ Music Design
  • New Paradise of Silent Island
  • 2017 Parallaxpromo
  • Love Exposure 
  • Eugene Ionesco
  • Staggering Matter
  • I Love Nuclear album



14:00~17:00   Live Stream

Chiu Lin Yao邱琳窈


“Lucy in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art”

Tamagotchi Lucy is a sculpture that overlaps the virtual world and physical world, featuring virtual figures sculpted by viewers combined with the function of handheld electronic pet devices, the moving images of virtual figures and on-site recordings of the surroundings will be broadcasted on 17 Media / Lang Live.

The project involves two types of viewers: viewers that are on-site, and those watching the image shown on 17 Media / Lang Live. At the site of the exhibition, visitors create sounds through simulating mouth shapes with their virtual figures to sculpt the personality of the live-stream host.
Random visitors viewing 17 Media / Lang Live enter the live-stream program and change the ranking of the live-stream host by giving gifts or money.

#Public_Sculpture #LiveArt#LiveStream

Chiu Lin Yao’s work expresses the process of creating sculpture, combining opposing qualities between ready-made materials and existing concepts, dissolving the linear state to form an infinite sphere. Originating from the scientific theory of entropy, this work uses kinetic energy or the energy from self growth and decline to preserve the state of the sphere to examine the possibilities of this track within different time and space. The artist view the track of entropy as a material for sculptures that exist for eternity. Her goal is to create opposition and a blurred concept or sensory experience of conflicts. Through communication within public spaces (either in reality or virtual reality), the viewer engages in metaphysical or poetic state by his or herself without any prior knowledge. Through the route of transmission, the work is once again transformed, a process which allows the work an open fluidity and self-growth. Through the multiple layers and transformations of meaning, this process forms an alternate phase and phenomenon. This is a contrast between conceptual sculpture within public spaces and individual relationship. Through one-on-one experiences within a location that is not an art institution, the viewer can directly face their own status quo and transmit the information even further.
邱琳窈,公共場域觀念雕塑家。 邱琳窈的作品中的核心思想是一個雕塑的過程,融合現成物件與現成觀念的對立性,消除線性狀態使其成為一無限性球體狀態。

在“熵”的科學理論下以動態動能或自體消長的能量保存球體狀態的紀錄,研究在不同時空下這個軌跡的可能性,她將熵的軌跡視為一種雕塑物件不滅存在的材料。 她的計劃目標是製造對立並將其混淆成一個矛盾的觀念與感官體驗,通過在公共領域( 現實或虛擬世界)的傳播行為,使觀者在未被告知與單獨的狀態下進入形而上的觀念與詩意的狀態。作品藉由傳遞方式與路徑再次轉化,這個過程使作品本身具有開放的流動與自我成長,在多層意義轉換下,形成另一個局面與現象。這是一種公共場域的觀念雕塑與個體關係的尺度對比,在一個非美術館既定印象的偶遇經驗中,透過一對一的單獨體驗,觀者得以直接的面對自己所處的境地,更進一步地將訊息繼續傳遞。

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